How relevant is an audio logo for your brand?

How relevant is an audio logo for your brand?

This article analyses the importance of building an audio logo to complete your brand strategy. Now that voice applications are increasing in popularity it is a good time to invest in an audio logo.

What is a brand?

A brand is the image and personality of a product or service that a business provides. A product’s features, such as logos or slogans, make it unique and different. Every interaction with a customer counts towards building a distinctive brand.

What is a sound branding?

Every interaction includes more than just what the customer can see. Valuable brands also include sounds. There is a powerful connection between sounds and your memory. I can still remember some of my childhood jingles. Jingles are a form of sound branding.

What is an audio logo?

If we pay close attention, audio logos are ubiquitous. Let’s listen to some examples that you may recognise.

What makes an audio logo great?

The best audio logos I can remember have something in common, they are short. Three to six seconds is fantastic to capture people’s attention.
Uniqueness will definitely make a difference ensuring it is impactful.

How relevant is an audio logo for your brand?

If we are trying to create a memorable experience, not just to remember your business; but to create deep connections with your brand, then an audio logo will make a difference. Audio branding gives an advantage when it comes to customer loyalty.

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