ECommerce Voice

What is it?

PentaTech Customer Engagement Voice allows you to engage with your customers via voice-activated devices. Pre-built and customizable interface based on an interaction conversational flow.

How does it work?

Customers or potential customers looking for your brand on any Google or Alexa devices (Google Nest, Google Home, Alexa Echo, Alexa Echo Dot, etc). PentaTech Customer Engagement Voice customized with your brand will interact with your customer and answer relevant questions such as stores, trading hours, customer assistance, push a notification or send email or SMS to the customer, among other extensions and available connectors such as Twilio, Facebook, Twitter.

Benefits for you and your customers

  • Promotes brand affinity through a convenient new touchpoint
  • Increases customer retention and improves your business reputation
  • Provides new opportunities to integrate with existing touchpoints and backends
  • Enhances customer experience because users love convenience and there is no need to switch between channels
  • Secure your verbal domain name
  • Support on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa including all devices supported by these platforms
  • Basic usage statistics reporting
  • English language, deployment in all countries that Google and Amazon support
  • Basic support package
  • Configurable greeting messages
  • Stores location and trading hours
  • Product Catalog information
  • Email user the online store link
  • Help
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom usage statistics reporting
  • Premium support package
  • Logged in users personalization
  • Voice app and mobile Push notifications
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Your backend APIs (pricing, product availability, dynamic product catalog)

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