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Learn about Australian Animals while having fun. You can ask about their habitats, diets, see how they look like and listen to the sounds they make.
Available in English and Spanish languages.

To begin just say: “Alexa, open Aussie Animals” or “Ok Google, talk to Aussie Animals”
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Our minds are powerful and have a great influence in the way we see and feel the world around us. Mind Guru is a skill that tells you relaxing phrases helping you find positive thoughts and brightening your day. Mind Guru helps boosting your mood. Listen to calming music listening to the quotes.

To begin just say: “Alexa, open Mind Guru” or “Ok Google, talk to Mind Guru”
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You are in the pursuit of finding a hidden treasure in space and on the way there, you learn fascinating facts about planets. Are you up for the challenge?

Answer correctly and you can move on, answer incorrectly and GAME OVER! Still, it gets harder. You only have four tries to guess on which planet the treasure is on. You get reminded how many tries you have left each time you answer a question correctly. The less tries you use to guess the planet, the more space coins you will find in your treasure box.

This game is equipped with entertaining sounds and lively pictures to go with them. By the end of the game you should feel like a space expert! Get as many space coins as you can and of course, HAVE FUN while playing!

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To begin just say: “Alexa, open Space Treasure”

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Who is stronger, spiderman or aquaman?
If you love superheroes, you should try Super Hero Battle Alexa Skill.
Create battles between your favourite superheroes and see who is the winner.
If your guess is correct, and your favourite superhero wins the battle, you will get points that will help you rank higher in the leaderboard!

To begin just say: “Alexa, open Super Hero Battle”
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Available on Amazon Alexa

4mates is a family owned company that prepares Latin American food in Sydney. It specializes in empanadas: the hand-held pie of Latin America, filled with a variety of delicious savoury flavours.
4mates Skill provides information about menu options, types of empanadas, some interesting photos as well as information about dates and locations of future events and markets.
If you grant us permission to access your email account information, we can send the information you request by email (eg. latest menu or, dates and locations of future markets or events)

To begin just say: “Alexa, open four mates”